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Re: Hey, All You MS Excel Gurus Out There...

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Hi Bill,
  If you have Office 97, then try this.  I have not seen this feature in earlier versions of Excel, but maybe there are patches available for those.  In the FORMAT menu, there is an option called "Conditional Formatting..." wherein you can shade the cell based on its value.  You can set the formatting to work for the cells C2:C14 wherein the cell will have the desired formatting based on the relationship between its value and the value in C1.  Does that work for you?

>>> "Bill Polhemus" <polhemus(--nospam--at)> 11/12 11:35 AM >>>
I could ask on a newsgroup, but you all are the biggest bunch o' Einsteins
I'M personally acquainted with.

I want to make the background shading of a cell contingent on the value of
the first cell in a column.  How can I do this (i.e. is there a formula that
affects shading?)

IOW:  Say I have a range C2:C14, and I want it to have either a white
(neutral, default) background, or a gray-shade, depending on the value of
cell C1.

Anyone have an idea?