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RE: Adoption of 1997 UBC

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FYI, non-Californians, WA adopted it July 1 and OR Oct 1, 1998, w/ local

Ditto for NM as of 10/1/98.

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	Sent:	Thursday, November 12, 1998 12:48 PM
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	Subject:	Adoption of 1997 UBC

	When may a jurisdiction adopt the 1997 UBC? I have heard conflicting
	information. I have been told they have to wait until the State
	it. Has California adopted it? I have also been told that
	are waiting for the issuing of California Uniform Building Code
	a.k.a. "the green pages"). When are the "green pages" going to be
	issued? We have called several jurisdictions. Some give straight
	answers, but others change the date they will be requiring the 1997
	as often as we call them. 

	If anyone has any information on this and what the jurisdictions you
	have been dealing with are doing it would be greatly appreciated.

	Thank you,

	Terri Schneider P.E.
	Sacramento, CA