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Re: Adoption of 1997 UBC

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The best way to respond is how the law reads.  Local jurisdictions must adopt the same edition of the model code the State adopts within 180 days after the State adopts.  The "green pages" are nothing more than the modifications which State agencies make for their specific areas of responsibility.  Generally speaking, these pages do not affect local goverment.  Local government is only required to adopt the model code and then they can make local modifications provided those modifications fit into very specific categories (i.e. geologic, climatic, etc.).  Maybe someone (Bob Bossi?) can provide the specific areas in which a jurisdiction may modify the model codes.

Rick Ranous

Terri wrote:

When may a jurisdiction adopt the 1997 UBC? I have heard conflicting
information. I have been told they have to wait until the State adopts
it. Has California adopted it? I have also been told that jurisdictions
are waiting for the issuing of California Uniform Building Code (CUBC,
a.k.a. "the green pages"). When are the "green pages" going to be
issued? We have called several jurisdictions. Some give straight
answers, but others change the date they will be requiring the 1997 UBC
as often as we call them.

If anyone has any information on this and what the jurisdictions you
have been dealing with are doing it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Terri Schneider P.E.
Sacramento, CA
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