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Re: Adoption of 1997 UBC

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raranous(--nospam--at) wrote:

  Maybe someone (Bob Bossi?) can provide the specific areas in which a jurisdiction may modify the model codes.
California Health and Safety 18941.5(b) provides that local jurisdictions may adopt more restrictive amendments to the provisions of the California Building Code (UBC + State amendments) if the find them necessary based on local geological, climatic or topographic conditions.  Less restrictive amendments are not permitted nor are amendments for other reasons.  Examples might include setting wind and snow loads (climate), special foundation requirements for expansive soils (geology), special grading or construction requirements for steep slope sites (topography).  One city (based on topography) required sprinklers in single family dwellings more than X miles from a fire station because of narrow, steep streets that would delay fire department response.  Findings for such modifications must be filed with the California Building Standards Commission or the amendments cannot be enforced.  The CBSC, however, has no authority to approve or reject them.

There are also some other specific instances when deviations are permitted like UMB programs and fire safety in pre-1975 low rise multifamily residential buildings.

Bob Bossi