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RE: Bamboo structures

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    I agree: all the design masters in history proceeded by intuition rather
than by calculations.
    Heard somewhere: "Not all the numbers in the world can fix a bad design;
in fact the calcs are just -and nothing more than- a checking of the

Rodrigo Lema

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Fecha: martes 10 de noviembre de 1998 14:35
Asunto: Re: Bamboo structures

>I lived in Hong Kong in the early 70's and remember seeing highrise
>structures(15-20stories) with bamboo scaffolding around the perimeter of
>building.  During travels to Taiwan in the 80's I saw a huge billboard that
>was supported and braced by a bamboo structure.
>As far as design of bamboo structures, I don't know of any design data or
>"code"?  I believe this is an ancient technology that probably involved
>of trial and error and experience passed down from generation to
>That sounds familiar, doesn't it?  To some extent everything we do has been
>done in one form or another.  I wonder if the romans actually did load
>calculations when building aqueducts and bridges?  There are some
>examples of structures that have been built by experience alone, no calcs.
>I've often wondered, if I had a building to engineer, how close I could
>to the actual sizes, number of bolts, shear reinforcement, footings, and
>welded connections....etc. that were actually required by
>Ahh... I have digressed.
>Welcome to Fantasy Island!