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ICQ - personal chat software

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Be sure to also check out and report on the DOS version of ICQ.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Dennis Wish wrote:

. > I am doing a project with two other engineers in different cities. A long
. > time ago I used a chat software called ICQ (I seek you) to maintain 
. > contact with friends and family. The software loads each time you start 
. > your computer. Each time you log on to your Internet Service Provider
. > (including most ISP's and AOL) ICQ will check your address book to see 
. > which people in you book are presently online.
. > 
. > This works well if you are online often and need to ask a quick question 
. > or get a fast answer. The chat is private although I think this latest 
. > version allows a chat session between more than two people. In one 
. > context it works well when trying to seek a quick answer on a structural 
. > question and another engineer is currently online.
. > 
. > You also have the option of sending an email to another person and 
. > arranging a chat session.
. > 
. > There are other numerous features and advantages which I'll report on in 
. > the January issue of SEAint Online. In the mean time, I highly recommend 
. > the program as a useful additional Internet tool.
. > 
. > It is available free of charge from
. >