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RE: Special Inspection for cladding?

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The company I work with, Willis Construction Co.(sorry, gotta plug us),
manufactures about $5M worth of GFRC each year at our San Juan Bautista, CA
plant and about $15M worth of architectural and structural precast. We've
been producing GFRC since 1983.

Third party inspectors provide periodic inspection on maybe 10% of our GFRC
projects, at most. There is no UBC inspection requirement. Special
inspection is provided at the discretion of the owner.

Mr. Philip Iverson, Technical Director of the Precast Concrete Institute,
may be able to provide you with more information.

175 W. Jackson Blvd., Suite 1859
Chicago, IL 60604
Phone: 312-786-0300
Fax: 312-786-0353
Email: info(--nospam--at)

Our plant is PCI certified for the production of GFRC, architectural and
structural precast products. Using/specifying PCI certified producers is the
most practical means of confirming that a manufacturing plant has a
satisfactory and ongoing quality assurance system in place. With this
program the plant must consistently demonstrate their commitment to quality
principles and practices. A 120-point audit examines all aspects of plant
operation including engineering practices and management commitment.

We "wet" test daily for skin thickness, slurry unit weight, and spray rate.
We fabricate test boards daily and perform wash-out tests. Wash-out testing
determines the average glass fiber content of the backing mix. Our
post-curing tests include face and backing mix strengths, flex
anchor/bonding pad pull-off and shear tests.

Naturally, all of our testing is on going, never ending, process. We send
out our bonding pad test specimens and test board flexural strength
specimens for testing by an independent test lab. The test results tests are
used to statistically determine our plant's unique design values so that my
designs are based on data that represents the actual performance we are
achieving. For this same reason, it is imperative that specimens are
prepared daily for each project, as a part of regular production, by
production personnel so that the results reflect what is actually happening
in the shop.

We are also an ICBO Certified GFRC fabricator (FA-353)and an approved City
Of LA Certified Fabricator (License 1413) of GFRC and precast concrete

Our experience, qualifications, and quality control and assurance program
promotes a level of confidence to a degree that most owners elect not to
spend money on third party inspection of the work performed at our plant. I
believe the money is probably best spent at the jobsite to ensure the panels
are installed per the erection details and specifications.


Brent Koch, P.E.
Willis Construction Company Inc.
Company Website: