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Year 2000 computer problem

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Philip Christensen's reply shows understanding of the Y2K problem.
"Amen" to his statement that discounts any program that might claim to
be a "universal Y2K fix".
"Yes" on the extent of problems when including all other countries,
hardware (BIOS and binary limits), and "embedded" systems. As I said
before, obsolescence is obsolescence, as discomforting as it might be.
The credibility of the pervasive press accounts on this issue is at
question primarily by constantly stating that "billions of lines of
programs must be checked line-by-line". Also, I can't take seriously
those civic meetings that urge stocking up on food, flashlights,
candles, cooking alternatives, spare fuel, etc., etc. by December 31,
1999. "Repent"!!!

As for converting a "compiled" program back to a "source" listing, there
probably never was one that could revert back to the same original
narrative lines. It is my understanding that "disassembler" programs
have been used in recent years, which can convert the "compiled" code to
"assembly language" code. I have not used one personally. It would then
seem not too difficult to secure (or write if sufficient necessity) a
code to translate, in turn, the "assembly language" to narrative form
for debugging. (In the present litigious environment, individuals or
firms having such translation programs may be a little slow to freely
distribute them to others.) The most practical approach, obviously,
depends on the magnitude of the problem at hand.  

Someone made reference to another potential problem associated with the
Y2K bit; that being the implication that the coming century-year has no
leap-day (February 29th) as was true for the year 1900 and will be true
for 2100. This would seem to spell trouble. Since 2000 is divisible by
400, however, the leap-day will not be excluded as with other
century-year leap-days. It will be like any other 4th year. True?

Let's wait and see. I'll sever my discussion on this topic with this
message. Thanks for the comments.