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Wind damaged residences

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Wind damage occurs most frequently to "lower technology" structures, such as 
residential construction. Farm, storage and others also are in this category. 
High rise buildings and bridges are rarely damaged by wind. Those that are 
often obtain great notoriety on account of the rarity of the event. Damage to 
fenestration in highly engineered buildings is most often due to wind driven 
missiles, themselves frequently a result of adjacent roofing failures and is 
not a result of damage directly due to extreme winds.

Sources of information for mitigating wind damage for residential structures 
is available from both FEMA and IBHS (Institute for Business and Home Safety). 
Recommendations tend to be common sense - continuous load path, strong 
connections, compliant construction. The completion of an ASTM standard for 
glazing has been a big step towards establishing enforceable design criteria 
for windows. There are also numerous guidelines published by NRCA, NAHB and 
others. The Southern Building Code of Florida, while obviously restricted in 
enforcement to Florida, is also a good source document.

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