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RE: Bronze (One-legged Support) Horse Structure

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For John Schwarz' benefit, our copy of Carpenter shows a 20Cb-3 alloy, Fy =
48 ksi, Fu = 91 ksi, 45% elongation, 200 ft-lbs Charpy.  Originally
developed for resistance to sulfuric acid, so it should be OK for his
No, Harold, I haven't a clue as to cost.  Aren't the "normal" grades of
stainless (304 and 316) about 10 x carbon steel?  Best info would come from
a steel distributor.

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	Carpenter 20 is a very good choice.  Do you have a ball park idea on
	The last I knew, it was VERY expensive.

	Harold Sprague
	The Neenan Company

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	From "Selecting Carpenter Stainless Steels" Copyright 1983 by
	Technology Corp.:

	Type 630 (17 Cr - 4 Ni) is a martensitic stainless w/ good corrosion
	resistance (approaches that of Type 304 for most environments).
	strength varies from 87 ksi for temper H 1150-M to 183 ksi for H
	Ultimate tensile strength 123 ksi to 198 ksi.  Elongation 22% to 15%
for the
	same respective tempers.  Charpy V-notch toughness 100 to 16 ft-lbs.


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		Subject: Re: Bronze (One-legged Support) Horse Structure

		Well, 'tis been an interesting research project.. still in
		I've learned so far is that stainless steel is the material
	choice for
		the support structure.  Neglecting the bronze shell, I need
a 2"
		bar to extend through the bent legs into the foundation
(using 304L
		stainless steel.. Fy=35 ksi).

		I've been researching higher strength materials because it
would be
		to get a 1 1/4" diameter bar to work, as it would fit
through the
	leg joints
		without modifying the structure.  Anyone know anything about
	No. 630
		(commonly called 17-4) precipitation hardened stainless
	Looks to
		have much higher strength.   It is bendable, weldable,
ductile..  I
		been able to locate a good source of this info.

		I appreciate all the responses so far.  You all are quite a

		John Schwarz, P.E.
		The Schneider Corporation