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Re: Bronze (One-legged Support) Horse Structure

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John Schwarz wrote:

> Well, 'tis been an interesting research project.. still in progress.
> What I've learned so far is that stainless steel is the material of
> choice for the support structure.  Neglecting the bronze shell, I need
> a 2" diameter bar to extend through the bent legs into the foundation
> (using 304L stainless steel.. Fy=35 ksi).
> I've been researching higher strength materials because it would be
> "nice" to get a 1 1/4" diameter bar to work, as it would fit through
> the leg joints without modifying the structure.  Anyone know anything
> about AISI No. 630 (commonly called 17-4) precipitation hardened
> stainless steel?  Looks to have much higher strength.   It is
> bendable, weldable, ductile..  I haven't been able to locate a good
> source of this info.

          John Schwarz <jschwarz(--nospam--at)>
For all of you CE & SE types:

As a lurking ME member of SEAOSC stainless & alloy steels (4130, 4340)
were the only Fe materials I use in my former life as an aerospace
type.  MIL-HDBK-5 is an excellent ref for aerospace materials.   AISI
has a series of stainless steel manuals also.   17-4 is a precipitation
hardening stainless steel >> very high strength & pretty good corrosion
resistance.  Might be tough to find in pipe or tube.  17-7 could also
work.   Call AISI for a suggestion but checkout the http below first.

for sources of particular grades & forms.

Prices for stainless is in the $3.5 to 8.5$ per pound (rolled sections
or billets) but for a few pieces of pipe the price per pound might be
higher.  The total cost for all of the pipe won't be a great deal
because you're not using 1000's of pounds, at about 5lbs/ft  (you're
probably going to use about 20 ft or so) maybe 100 lbs?  That horse
isn't cheap & its support system won't be either.

 Robert Kazanjy, PE  **Disclaimer: I speak for myself not UC-Irvine**
 Senior Development Engineer
 Civil & Environmental Engineering
 UC Irvine
 E4130 EG,  Zot: 2175