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Errata for FEMA 273/274 Guidelines of the Seismic Rehabilitation of Buildings.

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When would be the appropriate time for the Applied Technology Council (ATC)
Board of Directors to recommend to FEMA that the authors of FEMA  273/274
(former ATC 33) prepare an errata (a list of errors in a printed work and of
corrections) for FEMA 273/274, and for FEMA  to issue such an errata, based on
the forthcoming findings of the Building Seismic Safety Council Case Studies
Project and the critical statements of at least two of the prominent authors
of FEMA 273, who have raised serious questions concerning the some of the
provisions of FEMA 273/274?

With the ATC FEMA 273 Provisions Seminar series, now  being offered
nationally, it would appear to be appropriate for ATC to prepare such an
errata as soon as possible so as to attempt to minimize the impact of some of
the  FEMA 273/274 provisions, which are now being questioned.  

The Board of Directors of the  International Conference of Building Officials
issued a special emergency announcement (not waiting for the normal building
code changes cycle) deleting Section 2211.7.1.2 , Connection Strength, from
the 1994 Uniform Building Code when it was discovered that the Pre-Northridge
earthquake welded beam to column connections, based on Section 2211.7.1.2, had
significant problems.

I would welcome comments from the authors of FEMA 273/274 and FEMA  310, which
is based on FEMA  273/274, and others concerning the need for such an errata
prepared and promulgated (made known to the public) as soon as possible.

Frank E. McClure       FEMCCLURE(--nospam--at)  November 18, 1998