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Re: Brick walls on top of gable roofs

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The prefered method, of course, is to run the masonry down to the foundation. I do
not recommend supporting masonry off of roof trusses or any other type horizontal
wood member because of the long term sag which will eventually occur. Lagging a
steel angle to a full height stud wall may be an  option, depending on how much
load is actually being supported. Proper details must be developed and used.

If a support angle has to be sloped, I use small keeper plates welded to the angle
to engage the brick and prevent sliding of the brick along the angle. Locate the
plates in the head joints.

Jim Kestner, P.E.
Green Bay, Wi.

MSSROLLO(--nospam--at) wrote:

> I have a case where my customer is building a house that is 2 story with a one
> story garage.  The drawings show that brick will be on the 2nd floor wall of
> the main house that is above the one story garage.
> I have seen people do this on other houses, but have never seen anything done
> to insure the brick does not slide down the inclined surface of the steel
> angle they lay on the lower roof and attach to the wall.  I have seen houses
> with vertical cracks in the brick at the peak of the lower roof.  I estimate
> that the could be caused by sag of the roof or sliding of the brick along the
> angle.
> Does anyone have any good methods of securing the brick both vertically and
> horizontally when brick is placed over a roof such as this?
> Thanks
> Ron Martin
> Tuscaloosa, AL