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Re: Fork-lift Trucks

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I have a copy of a composite table averaged from various truck manufacturer's
data that gives the load on the drive axle and wheel spacings. I believe I got
this out of an old PCA publication. I use this for designing slabs when owners
cannot supply specific wheel load data. Send me your fax number and I will fax
you a copy.

Jim Kestner, P.E.
Green Bay, Wi

Horning, Dick/CVO wrote:

> If your client doesn't know how much weight he needs to lift, you're really
> dead in the water.
> If he knows the required payload, you need to look at equipment brochures,
> or maybe a cost estimating guide such as Richardson will give info on the
> truck weight.  I'm not aware of an easy rule of thumb to get that.
> Conservatively, the front axle (next to the forks) will take not more than
> 100% of the combined weight of payload and vehicle before it overturns.
> IKG, before they merged with Borden, had charts in their grating catalog (ca
> 1973) for different sizes of forklifts.  They were based on 85% of combined
> load on the axle, and recommended a 30% impact factor.
> Hope this helps some.
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>         Hello,
>         Is there anyway to get generic information for forklift trucks.  Say
> if
>         the owner needs a 3000lbs capacity truck it will typically have a
> wheel
>         spacing of 37" and for pneumatic tires a contact area of 10 in^2 and
> an
>         axle load of 12500 lbs.  This would be handy for designing slabs on
> grade
>         in warehouses where the owner does not know who he will get the
> trucks
>         from, just that he needs some (and usually does not know the
> capacity
>         needed).
>         Thanks,
>         Mike