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RE: bridge with fire-truck loading

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I have chased this one before.  

Fire fighting equipment vendors are very reluctant to divulge this
information.  I have worn on there ears enough that I can get verbally what
there design loads are, but they will not respond in writing.  

If the bridge is just for access from one side to the other, most
manufacturer's will stay within AASHTO HS20-44 loadings.  There is one that
I know of that exceeds this loading and asks for variances.  Some states
give them and some don't.

If the bridge can be used as a platform for firefighting, (the outriggers
are placed and the platform extended) the outrigger loads will exceed the
AASHTO HS20-44 requirements.  The heaviest outrigger loads are on the aerial
platform equipment.  You generally have a problem with shear.

I responded to this some time ago, and one manufacturer makes a vehicle that
can put down 60 kips on a single outrigger.  Everyone makes one that can put
down about 30 kips on a single outrigger.  NFPA only restricts outrigger
loading to 75 psi.  But you can have as many "si's" as you want.

This is a BIG hole in the code as far as I'm concerned.  There have been
cases where equipment has rolled over and has resulted in deaths.

Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company

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Subject: bridge with fire-truck loading

I am currently in the process of designing a bridge. It has to be designed
allow fire-trucks to go over it.  Where can I find loads for firetrucks and
what does everyone else use.

Thanks in advance.

Mr. Marlou B. Rodriguez

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