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RE: tilet up wall anchor

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A307 ductility derives from A36 Specification (20% in 8" gage length or 23% 
in 2").  A325 ductility derives from A449 Specification (14% in 4 Diameter 
gage length).  The A325/A449 has a higher tensile strength (120 ksi for 1" 
and smaller) than the A307/A36 (58-80 ksi).

As a general rule, the higher the tensile strength, the LOWER the 
ductility.  So if the plan checker is looking for ductility, the A307 bolts 
have higher ductility.

Why is he asking anyway?  I assume you are sizing the bolts for the design 
loads. Either should be acceptable providing they meet the design 

Bill Cain, SE
Oakland, CA

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Subject:	tilet up wall anchor

hi everyone

is anyone has answer for a plan check correction it .
will be thankful

the plan check engineer wants me to specify the wall tie anchor
to A325 steel rod not A307 first he said the reason is ductility after
that he said is dynamic loading
any answer


D.A.  P.E.