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RE: Caisson Design Program

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You might also try the Florida DOT at:

Bill Cain, SE
Oakland, CA

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A great deal of work has been done in this subject area, both for the 
offshore oil industry and for the Texas Department of Transportation 
(TXDOT).  Virtually all of the early (1970s) work was done at the 
University of Texas in Austin by Hudson Matlock and Lyman Reese.  Since 
then, I believe that the work has spread to other local institutions, such 
as Texas A&M University and the University of Houston.  For the most part, 
the resulting programs follow the theory of beams broken into discrete 
elements and bearing on inelastic soil springs.  Of course, it takes a good 
deal of soil testing and quite a bit of luck to get those nonlinear springs 
anywhere near to "correct"!;^>

Since your interest is concrete caissons (in Texas, we call them drilled 
piers or drilled shafts), rather than steel pipe piles, I suggest that you 
start your search at TXDOT in Austin and/or the Texas Transportation 
Institute (TTI) at College Station.  Either way, this should result in 
public domain (probably free) software.

Try or

Good hunting!  If you find a really great program, please let all of us 


Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

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getting blamed for a major catastrophe!
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Subject: Caisson Design Program


Are ther any good caisson design programs that handle moment in addition
to axial load?