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Re: Tilt Up Construction & Lock Wall?

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In a message dated 11/18/98 5:35:31 PM Pacific Standard Time,
cstsaur(--nospam--at) writes:

<< Can anybody tell me what is "Tilt Up Construction"?
 And what is a "Lock Wall"?-- appeared in a English book about surface repair
of concrete 
 Any info are welcomed.

In a nutshell, tilt-up construction is usually a type of construction where
first the slab-on-grade is poured and allowed to cure to a certain strength.
Then the concrete "tilt-up" walls are poured directly on the slab.  Once the
walls reach adequate strength the walls are then lifted or tilted by a crane
into place.  (Thus the term tilt-up.)  In addition to the tilt-up walls there
usually is a panelized roof system of girders, purlins and subpurlins (2X4 or
2X6 @ 24"oc) with a wood roof diaphragm.  These buildings are easy and cheap
to build and normally are used in industrial areas.

And I'm not sure what a "Lock Wall" is.

I hope this helps!