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Re: Rigid plywood diaphragms

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In a message dated 11/18/98 9:10:43 PM Pacific Standard Time,
cgreenlaw(--nospam--at) writes:

<< And on reflection, Ed Diekmann, for much of what you quoted, said in effect
 that the code expects certain precise distinctions be made that cannot be
 made except by guesswork, and he counseled self-reliance with an eye to
 basic principles of mechanics as a reasonable recourse. He too came out of
 the tent a non-believer. >>

I was at the seminar and I think the paragraph Charles Greenlaw wrote
summarizes what Ed said very well.  I think Ed's comments regarding the legal
profession's propensity to sue and the grounds they will probably use (right
or wrong that they may be) were sage advice of an engineer who has been around
the block a time or two.  I know first hand that Ed has been around the
courtroom since at least 1974 as I first met him in a courtroom where we were
"the experts" on opposite sides (he may have been one, I was still very
green).  The case had two attorneys, each trying to read vague code provisions
precisely in their clients favor.  The judge finally told both attorneys to
get real.  

Ed's views about doing the best you can with the tools you have available to
you were honed by many years of cases like that one. From watching the success
of some of the quality people he has mentored over the years, one can learn a
lot by listening to and understanding his comments.   

Bill Cain, SE
Albany, CA