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Re: Rigid plywood diaphragms

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Mlcse(--nospam--at) wrote:

> I would agree for one story buildings, but as you start to increase the number
> of stories to two, three and four stories (apartment buildings) there is more
> of a problem, especially since we are still typically using slender walls even
> with the new minimum aspect ratio of 2:1 relative to the height of the
> building.  Granted in older buildings where drywall was used in the corridors
> this a real problem which would probably not occur in a new design with the
> reduced values for drywall.  As the building gets taller, life/safety becomes
> more of an issue, but in the single story building I would think we will still
> have significant amounts of cosmetic damage and costs to fix all the drywall
> cracks.  (cosmetic damage is what will probably get us involved in a lawsuit
> as the homeowners try to recoupe their losses)>>.

I agree that for certain height of building and or size we should
perhaps be looking at this issue.  I am talking about standard one and
two story residential buildings.