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Questions to ask yourself:

	1)  Who is going to be plans checking the job (county or city bldg
	2)  Does the AWWA wind speed requirement meet the blgd. officials
	3)  Why are you using 120 mph ASCE?, Exposure(this makes a big diff.
in 7-95)
	4)  Are you comfortable with your design?  If you are, and the plans
checker does 	     not have a problem with your design, you are fine.

Brian Vinson

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> Sent:	Thursday, November 19, 1998 4:15 PM
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> Subject:	ASCE vs AWWA
> I have been comissioned to design a foundation for a 225' water tower. The
> tower will be designed by a tank vendor with proper professional
> registration. They are using AWWA D100 standards. I am using ASCE 7 to
> determine proper wind forces on the foundation. 
> I am not that familiar with AWWA. AWWA states that the actual wind
> velocity should be used but should not be less than 100 MPH. It gives no
> means to determine what velocity should be used and it gives no means to
> determine when a different velocity should be used.
> ASCE 7 gives good info on this subject. I am designing the foundation for
> 120 MPH ASCE 7-95. I suggested that my client put into his specs to use
> ASCE 7 and/or AWWA. He refuses. He also refuses to put in a higher AWWA
> wind speed even though this is < 100 miles from the Gulf Coast.
> The foundation will be designed with ASCE 7 or AWWA (whichever is most
> stringent). Do I drop the subject and hope for the best or do I insist
> that the client change his performance spec for the tank.
> Most of y'all are earthquake hounds but how about a little feedback for us
> hurricane folk? 
> This project is out in the boonies and there are no local governing codes.