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RE: lateral load

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I believe this would depend on the connection between the concrete wall
and mezzanine.  If the mezzanine is tied to the wall, the mezzanine will
either deflect with the wall (going along for the ride) or if stiff
enough, resist the load from the wall.  If there is no connection
between the mezz and wall, then care should be taken to avoid pounding
between the two elements.

My assumption is that the mezzanine is tied to the wall.  I would just
compare the stiffness of the wall to the mezzanine.  If the wall is much
stiffer than the mezzanine, you could argue that the mezzanine is going
along for the ride.  An accurate analysis would be to distribute the
force from the wall to the mezzanine according to the relative stiffness
and vise versa.

Please note that the analysis mentioned above is dealing with only the
wall element (not the entire structure).  I do not believe the mezzanine
will effect the overall base shear of the entire structure.  As for base
shears, the analysis should be carried out as two separate structures.

I do not have all the information and the assumptions that I am making
are based off of similar projects that we have done in our office and
the procedures that we have used.

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Subject: lateral load

Hi everyone

If a mezzanine is constructed inside tilt up concrete building
and the walls are supported  at roof and foundation
do i have to consider seismic load on mezzanine diaphragm
or the load will go direct to strong connection at roof 
and foundation 

it is another plan check correction!