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Fire Wall

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Doesn't the code (UBC) state that if two buildings are constructed on the 
same property, then you have to assume a property line between the 
buildings?  Then, *each* building would require the protection based on 
proximity to the property line.

But, then, this is a question that architects answer all the time.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Tom Bouffard wrote:

. > I have a job (low seismic risk, Av=0.05) that requires a 4 story, 2 hour
. > rated fire wall between a new 7 story addition and the existing 4 story
. > building.  Both the buildings are 2 hour rated concrete framed buildings.
. > We plan on using a masonry fire wall and would like to brace it to the new
. > construction.  Does anyone know of any type of attachment that would be
. > appropriate for these connections.  Based on the fire wall principle that
. > either building should be able to collapse without the fire wall loosing
. > it's ability to perform.
. >