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RE: Rigid plywood diaphragms

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Actually, I was being contemptuous. I started my practice specializing in
seismic retrofit. Potential clients and other non-professionals consented to
hire me but never let go of the retainer without adding a comment like -
"Engineers created this code to line their pockets and to make a living at
the expense of the unfortunate." Now Architects and Designers, who don't
follow prescriptive methods - dare I say "Conventional Framing"- must comply
with a methodology that they don't understand. Who do you think will get the
blame for destroying an architects right to design structures? Who do you
think will be blamed for lobbying to change the code so that "Only"
engineers will be able to design homes - thus potentially destroying the
architects practice?
Chances our we will end up doing the extra work without proper compensation.
Again, contemptuously, our clients will probably litigate for a rebate once
they suffer a little damage and blame us for poor design performance.
One of you brilliant engineers stated it so perfectly - we just shot our
selves in the foot.

One other thing we forgot to discuss - How do we contend with a gap that
continues to grow wider between Engineered solutions and Conventional

No harm taken,
Dennis (Mr. Wish is too formal for a friendly listservice - wait and use Mr.
Wish when your angry at me:>)

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Where can I get a copy of these wood seminar notes you're talking about?

And by the way,  at the beginning of Mr. Wish's 11-19-98, 00:56:46 post, he
says he can raise his fee to do a rigid diaphragm analysis.  At the end of
post he says that we need to be thinking with our intellect and not our
pocketbook or fear.  Seems like a oximoron.  Maybe he should get some sleep
and not be toolin' around on the internet at 1:00 in the morning.

No harm intended.

Regards,  Ted Beckwith, R.C.E, Zone 4