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RE: Rigid plywood diaphragms

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See my posts about Winds in Kansas - I should have renamed the post but I
explain the problems with REACH. It is restricted to paid members only with
the exception of a few who were invited. I did not realize this when I
received the notice. Rather than go into detail, check your email for the
last week or so. If you no longer have them, take a look on the SEAint
archives (it's easy and will take only a few minutes).
If still too lazy, I'll forward them:>)

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Subject: Re: Rigid plywood diaphragms

Subject: RE: Rigid plywood diaphragms

...................>One of you brilliant engineers stated it so perfectly -
we just shot our
>selves in the foot.
>One other thing we forgot to discuss - How do we contend with a gap that
>continues to grow wider between Engineered solutions and Conventional


Isn't the purpose of REACH to try and address this anomaly?

BTW I've tried unsuccessfully on four occasions to log onto reachnet.  They
are not sure why I can't.

I am going to try and get a similar vein going here in BC.......

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