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RE: Brick walls on top of gable roofs

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The first draft of the 2000 International Residence Code also allows
exterior brick veneer to be supported on wood or cold-formed steel except in
zones 3 or 4. There are several other restrictions like deflection less than
l/600 and required details using steel support angles.

Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company

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I agree with Don that you see a lot of brick supported on wood here on the
east coast.  BOCA does not allow it but Virginia uses lets you use CABO, One
Two Family Dwelling Code.  This code even has a detail in it on how to
the brick on wood.(Figure 703.7 (a)).  

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> Is it the intent of the national codes (UBC '97 2307, BOCA '96 2112.3  and
>  SBC) not to have any masonry directly supported by wood?

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> I have 
>  used a steel angle bolted to the wood frame wall in Virginia BOCA 
>  jurisdictions and the building official has accepted it.  The long 
>  term result is some settlement cracking, but no structural damage.