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Re: Design fee guidelines

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 In our office when bidding for a job we look at it from three different
angles, (1) a percentage of construction cost, viz 1-1.5 % o construction
cost as published by UBC standard magazine, of  course for difficulty
factors multiply by 1.2 and judgement factors  as appropriate. (2). An
estimated engineering and drafting hours ( engineering hours by 90 and
drafting hours by 40) plus some cost for supplys and overhead say 10%, (3)
The estimated number of drawing sheets , multiply by 800 to 1200 depending
on complexity and repetition. Then think which one is more reasonable. At a
minimum we should have the amount per item #2 . But all of these should
preferably bein the same ball park. I think 6% of structural  cost ( say
30% - 40%) should be the minimum ( I think Marshall Valuation Service goes
by this. They publish the guide lines for the real estate people). But it
seems there is always somebody who will do the job at a ridiculously low
price and pull the others down in the eyes of the public.

Ajay Ray
Arcadia, Ca