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Re: Brick walls on top of gable roofs

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This question has been raised a number or times in our office.  The projects
in which this has come up is on three story wood framed buildings where BOCA
indicates that the veneer has a maximum height of 20'.  If the veneer extents
beyond 20' then it must have an intermediate support at either the 20'
elevation or below.  The wall in question is a continuous wood stud wall
extending approx. 34' above FF with no openings.

One solution proposed was to introduce a steel frame, since the code indicated
the veneer was not to be supported from wood framing.  When initially
detailing this condition it became more evident that this solution appeared
somewhat ridiculous.  It was obvious an alternate solution should be

I contacted a BOCA official and sent the appropriate sketches etc. explaining
the condition.  The BOCA official indicated to us that the intent of the code
was to prevent deflection in the veneer and that our proposed solution of
attaching a steel angle to the wood framing was acceptable for this condition.
Of course care must be taken in the additional load added to the wood framing
members.  In our case we attached the angle to the studs approx. 6" above a
floor diaphragm thus effectively transferring the force into the stiff

Dave Puskas