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Re: Garage Floor Design

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Date: Saturday, November 21, 1998 12:10 AM
Subject: Re: Garage Floor Design

>My 1994UBC Sec. 1604.3, 2nd paragraph says "..........Parking garages for
>storage of private or pleasure-type motor vehicles with no repair or
>shall have a floor system designed for a concentrated load of not less than
>2000 pounds acting on an area or 20 square inches without uniform live

>I've been using 4x or 6x joists @ 16" oc in designing garage floors,
>on span. . Has anybody been able to use 2x's in their design?

I've designed many garage floors for residential construction. In most cases
shear was the governing stress (due to the 2000# point load). When the
architectural space below the garage is a living room or similar space, the
deflection criteria might be a concern.
I many cases i utilized 1 3/4"x microlams, sometimes at 12"o.c. The
advantage of this prefab joists is that their optimum moisture content is
not going to change much after the installation (no shrinkage). Again, there
is no magic solution to it, every case should be analyzed separately and all
the factors should be incorporated in the design.
Neno Grguric
Robert Lawson Struct. Engineers