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Re: CADD: Microstation/J: Why Isn't It Platform Independent?

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While MicroStation/J is not written in Java (it's written in  ) it
does include the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) which enables it to run
any java application right from within MicroStation.  The Java
programming language by nature is platform-independent but the JVM
must be ported to each individual platform hence the need for
different flavours of MicroStation.

For further clarification allow me to include a quote by the one of
the principles of MicroStation's developer, Bentley Systems Inc.,
Keith Bentley, which was posted in the comp.cad.microstation
newsgroup (Thu, 15 Jan 1998 11:29:52):

"MicroStation/J is definitely a multi-platform product and Bentley
is definitely a multi-platform software company. . . . MicroStation
itself INCORPORATES the Java/JMDL Virtual Machine (just as
MicroStation 95/SE incorporates the MDL virtual machine) but
MicroStation itself is not "written in Java". Bentley's job is to
make that virtual machine work on multiple platforms."

A further quote from Sergey Solyanik, a software developer at
Bentley,  in the comp.cad.microstation newsgroup (Thu, 15 Jan 1998
09:27:27) asserts:

"We have licensed Java from JavaSoft, we utilize their code to
execute Java bytecodes; moreover, our license agreement with Sun
requires us to pass a suite of more than 8000 tests before we can
ship the product. There is not a single line of Microsoft code in

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Best regards,
Jeff Phillips
Fluor Daniel
Vancouver, Canada

On 20 Nov 98, Bill Polhemus wrote:

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> Subject:       CADD: Microstation/J:  Why Isn't It Platform Independent?
> Date:          Fri, 20 Nov 1998 15:15:37 -0600
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> Just got some literature about Bentley's upcoming new release,
> Microstation/J.
> Now, my understanding was that this release was built on a Java
> engine.
> So the question is, since Java was supposed to be a
> platform-independent language, why do they specifically state in
> their literature that, for now, they are only supporting Windows
> 95/98 and NT?
> Is this because they are using the Microsoft "flavor" of Java?  If
> so, how will they be affected by the recent injunction against
> Microsoft, stating that they must comply with Sun's product
> specification for Java or pull it out of their Windows products?
> I'm rather ignorant on these software engineering issues, and so
> would appreciate some enlightenment.