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Re: Garage Floor Design

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Thank you all for the responses to my original question.

You are lucky you have never been questioned by a plan checker for using less
than 2000# load on a single joist. I get to be asked almost every other job
that I design. I normally use 3 1/2" light weight concrete with 3/4" plywood
and 1000# in my designs which require double joists. I have to explain how
this load is placed over a 20"x20" area and distributed to 3 joists (the
center joist taking 1/2 the load) every time I am asked by a plan checker.
Maybe, I should make a tyipical sketch and distribute it with every job. I
guess this is one of the simple but still grey areas of the code that needs a
little clarification or the plan checker who asks does not read the code
further than the 2000#  "point" load.

Unfortunately we can not use Caltrans S/4. We have to stick to UBC using the
20"x20" area as you said you have used. Although the distribution methodology
is the same. I also have seen old houses with 1 1/2" concrete overs 2x decking
over 2x10 joists. As Greg said in his reply he has never been questioned by a
plan checker and has never had problem with the garages that he had designed
using 667# on a single 2x joist. Maybe the answer is that the 2000# wheel has
never been to those garages and if it has, there is still some safety factor
to take care of it.

Oshin Tosounian, S.E.