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RE: CADD: Microstation/J: Why Isn't It Platform Independent?

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Actually MicroStation/J is written with Visual C++ 5.0 (I think) not Java.
But the Java 1.1.6 SDK is included.   In other words any Java code will run
under Microstation/J,  Bentley extended the Java Virtual Machine (VM) in
order to access the DGN files, with the use of the DGN Package.  MS/J will
not be affected by the recent Microsoft court decision.  If you want further
info go to the following address

Hope that helps


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> Subject: CADD: Microstation/J: Why Isn't It Platform Independent?
> Just got some literature about Bentley's upcoming new release,
> Microstation/J.
> Now, my understanding was that this release was built on a 
> Java engine.
> So the question is, since Java was supposed to be a 
> platform-independent
> language, why do they specifically state in their literature 
> that, for now,
> they are only supporting Windows 95/98 and NT?
> Is this because they are using the Microsoft "flavor" of 
> Java?  If so, how
> will they be affected by the recent injunction against 
> Microsoft, stating
> that they must comply with Sun's product specification for 
> Java or pull it
> out of their Windows products?
> I'm rather ignorant on these software engineering issues, and so would
> appreciate some enlightenment.