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RE: Rw Factor

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The code has other penalties when you have certain irregularities.  For
example you are not allowed to use 33% overstress for ASD, when you have a
reentrant corner, I believe ( don't have my code at hand, check the table in
chapter 16 and the appropriate items in the text of the chapter referenced
in this table).

Sasha Itsekson

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Subject: Rw Factor

In UBC Table 16-N, the only critera provided for allowing a Rw=8 (Type 1a)
a Rw=6 (Type 1b) is " wood structural panel walls (plywood) for structures 3
stories or less".   Is there other critera available?    It seems that both
vertical and horizontial plan irregularities should also be considered when
using Rw=8.