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Re: lateral load to Dave Anderson

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This message is to Dave Anderson.  I have tried on two occasions to call you
at ESI-FME without success.  Please call me on Monday 11/23 to discuss these

As for the A307 Bolts.  If you look in the AISC bolt design tables (sorry, I
don't have my manual with me) you will see under the A307 specification that
there is no yield stress given (Fy), only ultimate or rupture (Fu).  There for
the bolt ruptures without yielding (elongation) and is not ductile.  But, the
Fp design load (.48Wp) at the wall to roof connection is at a level which may
perform without needing to go into the post yield range.

As for the mezzanine.  The slender wall will deflect about 2" to 4" at the
mezzanine level (wall mid-height).  The mezzanine, which is plywood deck and
shear walls may deflect about the same amount.  The mezzanine should be
separated from the wall be the sum of the deflections of each or tied to the
wall for the incompatible deflection force to "close the gap" between the two.
With the two tied together, the mezzanine diaphragm and the shear walls need
to be designed for the load induced by the wall.

I hope this helps.