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Re: lateral load to Dave Anderson

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In a message dated 11/22/98 3:14:35 PM Pacific Standard Time,
Tjb5424744(--nospam--at) writes:

<< As for the A307 Bolts.  If you look in the AISC bolt design tables (sorry,
 don't have my manual with me) you will see under the A307 specification that
 there is no yield stress given (Fy), only ultimate or rupture (Fu).  There
 the bolt ruptures without yielding (elongation) and is not ductile.  >>

If you check the ASTM Specification (upon which the AISC stated values are
based), you will find that A307 bolts come in several grades.  The one for
anchor bolts derives its basic material property values from the ASTM A36
specification.  If what you are saying about A307 material were correct, that
would imply that ASTM A36 has no ductility.  Last time I checked it was one of
the more ductile structural steels available.  The steel does not rupture
without yielding (elongation) as you contend.  It has a subsatantial yield

I would strongly suggest you learn a little more about materials (maybe read
the applicable ASTM specifications or standard steel design references  :<)  )
before making such statements in the future.

Bill Cain, SE
Albany, CA