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Re: lateral load to Dave Anderson

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>If you check the ASTM Specification (upon which the AISC stated values are
I have an old copy (1974) of A307. There are two grades A & B both of 
which require 18% min elongation in 2 inches. The only chemistry is a max 
for sulfur and phosphorus, all higher than the 0.05/0.04 pct max for 
A-36. Also unlike A-36 there is no specified yield strength, although 
that doesn't mean there is no yield point. It probably varies so much, 
given the non-descript chemistry, that it varies too much to prove 

>Last time I checked it was one of
>the more ductile structural steels available.
You don't want to confuse toughness and pct elongation. A-36 and A-307 
have a high transition temperature and aren't the most impact resistant 
materials ever to come down the pike, although the elongation is fairly 

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