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Re: perceptible floor slopes

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John Schwarz wrote:

> David,
> This is related to your question regarding the limit of perceptable floor slopes..sort of.
> I have had a couple of projects come up lately dealing with lousy residential construction practices and monitoring wherein I was called to determine the acceptability of the out-of-level of floors.  Until recently, I shyed away from these sticky situations.  I have done a little research and the best information that I have found to date documenting residential construction standards is a publication called Residential Construction - Performance Guidelines put out by NAHB.
> This publication states that the limit of out-of-level floors is 1/2" in 20'.
> Food for thought:  I certainly do not question the integrity of the sources for these quidelines, but I have to wonder if the standards of quality would be different if they were drafted by a user group(is there a National Association of Home Buyers? - kidding) instead of the builder group.  Quote from the publication:  "The performance guidelines in this manual were created and reviewed by more than 300 builders and remodelers across the United States... This exhaustive review has resulted in a manual that builders and remodelers can reference with confidence as they communicate with their customers."
> John Schwarz, P.E.
> The Schneider Corporation
> Indianapolis, Indiana
> jschwarz(--nospam--at)

I have a job where I could use a copy of this publication.  I checked the web site identified by Donald L. Carr but didn't find this publication.  The house in question has a new addition with 1-1/2" slope in 8' where the floor should have been level.
Please let me know how to obtain a copy of this publication.
Thank you,
Jill T. Shuttleworth, P.E., S.E.
Sunnyside, WA