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FW: punching shear and seismic compatibility moments

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Try article by Jacob S. Grossman "Verification of Proposed Design
Methodologies for Effective Width of Slabs in Slab-Column Frames"
 in ACI Structural Journal March-April 1997.
 If you can not find it I'll be glad to fax it. 

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	Subject:  punching shear and seismic compatibility moments

	My company is designing a multistory concrete hotel in Southern
	California (seismic zone 4).  The construction is post-tensioned
	(7.5") on concrete columns with shear walls in both directions for
	lateral system.  There are no drop panels or column capitals and we
	typically using Studrail shear reinforcing in the slab.

	When checking punching shear in the slab, we have a few different
	cases including: factored gravity and seismic compatibility moments;
	unfactored gravity  and seismic compatibility moments at a
	of (3*Rw/8)*static displacements.

	The magnitude of the compatibility moments is dependent on the
	properties of the slab.  The larger the effective slab width, the
	the slab moment of inertia and the compatibility moments are.

	What effective slab width should be used to calculate the slab

	All comments are welcome.

	Thank You

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