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RE: CONCRETE: Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete (SFRC)`

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Fiber reinforcing is for secondary reinforcing only.  From what I
understand, it should never be used for primary reinforcing (just like
welded wire fabric).

We have used fiber reinforcing on several projects for slab on grade
applications.  The number and size of cracks were no more than to be
expected.  We also use closer control joints, about 10 to 12 feet
spacing.  The thickness of the slabs were 4 inches with normal office

We did use the fibers for a 12 inch slab supporting a C-130 in a hanger.
The hanger has been in operation for about 3 months now.  So far, so

The fibers we specified were by fibermesh and is a fibrillated
polypropylene synthetic material.  

Please keep in mind that these fibers are only for secondary reinforcing
and will only help with internal stresses (temperature, shrinkage,
etc.), not external forces.

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Subject: RE: CONCRETE: Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete (SFRC)`

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> Bill,
> What are you doing with the SFRC.  (secondary reinforcement
> for slab on grade, shotcrete, etc.)

NOT secondary reinforcement: the SFRC will not have any other

FWIW, we are looking into it for a building grade slab which will be
used as
an operating floor for a waste incinerator, and will have garbage dumped
it, and heavy equipment (front end loaders, etc.) operating on it.

We have it on good authority from a contractor who has built several of
that this IS the way to go.

> It has a tendency to ball up when mixed in the truck.

And yes, he mentioned the "balling up when mixed in the truck" effect.