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RE: lateral load to Dave Anderson

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>Maybe time to update your 1974 ASTM 
>Specifications re: structural steels?

>Then again, from what it sounds like 
>you work with, the quality of the steel in those applications has a history 
>of being much closer and carefully controlled so you probably get a chuckle 
>out of what we structural folks have accepted over the years.

Those are just old scrapbook copies (which, BTW, make the same provision 
for anchor bolts as the newest revs.) I ought to get gigged for referring 
to an old spec, God knows I've waved my arms enough about using current 

Point taken on the anchor bolt provision. I noticed that Grade B is 
suggested for cast iron flanges, but steel where the only chemistry 
control is phosphorus and sulfur does seem like a holdover from riveted 
iron boilers. 

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