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Lateral Restraint for tall column

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Got a question for all you structural geniuses,
	I have a column supporting 34k and is also 34 ft high if it is
unsupported at an intermediate level.  At 9 ft from the base and at 19
ft from the base are intermediate floor levels framed with 14" TJW and
plywood sheathing.  With smaller lighter loaded columns I have in the
past blocked the col. into the floor systems to provide lateral support.
	The architect on this project has ask if it has to be a full height
column. I am a little nervous using the floor system as restraint for
this load. A 6x6 tube steel col. works for the full 34', but I would
like to use something smaller.  What sort of forces would be required
for restraint, and do any of you have a referece explaining the method
for arriving at these restraint forces?  Any suggestions for detailing
the restraint into a system in these floors (without infringing on
anyones copyrights...)?

Thanks from high in the Rockies,
Joseph R. Grill, PE