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I hope all people will stay with this list and continue to contribute to it. I also hit the delete button many times during the day as I browse through the subject lines. I think that keeping everybody on the one server has advantages that outweigh the time it takes to hit the delete button. If you have a browser that can weed out the useless topics quickly by showing a preview, this does not use up much time. By finding those 1 out of 50 it makes it all worth while. An example was the reference to the army corps of engineers floor slab design document. I downloaded it the other day and found it to be a good addition to my library. In Canada we obviously use different codes, but the design elements and ideologies are usually based on the same things. I am in a zone 2 area and although not faced with zone 4 loading, some of the detailing is similar and as a result all information is useful in one way or another. 

David Handy, P.Eng
The Thompson Rosemount Group
Cornwall, Ontario, CANADA
The preceding was an off the record personal opinion only! (cya)