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RE: INTERNET: Mailing List for Texas Structural Engineering

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SEAint has a policy to support an SE related organization. This includes
setting up a free Listservice and Website. There are limitation, of course,
before additional costs are incurred. However, from what this sounds like,
it can be done for no cost to SEAOT.
I have a few misgivings about this, but believe it might be more desirable
than one list. Mostly, I fear that we become as segregated as we have been
historically by distance - even if both lists appear on the same server. I
would much rather see segregating topics than organizations.
We can, just as easily, create a separate list for each topic or group of
topics of interests and maintain participation from many organizations. I
personally believe this to be more beneficial to the list on a global basis.
Let me have your comments.

Dennis Wish PE

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Subject: INTERNET: Mailing List for Texas Structural Engineering

I am contemplating setting up such a list.  I really enjoy the SEAOC/SEAINT
list, but I think my fellow Texans would agree that there is, unfortunately,
too much of the content that just isn't applicable to us.

If anyone would be interested in such a list, let me know, and I will
proceed based on the feedback I get.