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RE: INTERNET: Mailing Lists

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I am not suggesting that I or anyone else "abandon" the SEAINT listserv.

However, I think there may be sufficient interest (guaging from the response
I've received thus far) for Texas Structural Engineers to have their own
forum where they can freely discuss topics of interest to them specifically.

The fact is, California is the most populous state, and has its own issues
re seismic design, structural design of dwellings, etc., that are just not
issues for structural engineers in Texas.

However, we in Texas have to deal with OUR OWN state's bureaucracy, the
widely varying climate, Hurricane wind loads, tornadic wind loads, and
specific large consumers of our services such as TxDOT or the petrochemical
companies and their affiliates, that are uniquely our mix of concerns.

So, if there is sufficient interest--and I've gotten a response from about
ten people after announcing it on my list yesterday--then I'll do it.

It is cheap to set up such a list, only about $50 per year.  Makes it well

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> I hope all people will stay with this list and continue to
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