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RE: Structural Analysis & Design

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The problem is not the programs, the problem is that DOS has inherent limitations that show up with programs that require large memory blocks, such as you are bound to incur with structural analysis problems.
Well do I remember how poorly STAAD-III performed under Windows 3.1 (yes, you're right, that WAS just DOS), and how the problems disappeared as soon as we moved to Windows NT 3.51, even with the same version of the program, in its 32-bit form.
I'm not touting Windows; all here who've been here long know I think MS has a p*ss-poor excuse for an OS.  I'm simply saying that DOS is not the environment for the demands of modern structural engineering software.
And I haven't even gotten into the issues concerning the "custom" user interface.
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IMHO, even though they are still in DOS, the RISA programs are just as friendly and functional as most Windows programs and are very easy to learn.  Besides, some 'Windows' programs are just DOS programs in disguise.
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