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RE: INTERNET: Mailing List for Texas Structural Engineering

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Bill, I wish you luck on your new list. I am certainly sorry that you
misinterpreted my comments. You are certainly no threat since there is no
competition. As I mentioned to you in private, I assumed (wrongly I admit)
that you represented SEAOT and that you intention was to start a List on
which you could discuss local issues as well as topics more relevant to the
state of Texas. Regardless of your decision (had you been representing
SEAOT) you failed to post the rest of my message to you and thus published
my comments out of context. I continued with; "If you choose this direction,
please provide
a means to link the information into SEAint in some manner. I would suggest
an SEAOT WebPages on the SEAint Website that would either be a link to
SEAint or would be a page on SEAint server with a link to your List."
At the very least - this was not perceived as a threat but as a concern for
the profession as a whole. I thought it very professional of me to request
that we provide links to your web and list so that any information of
importance to an engineer who may only know of SEAint be allowed the benefit
of the opinions by other knowledgeable professional.
Please, in the future, do not publish only a portion of my comments and
expect people to interpret my intention from this. This does no more to
reveal the truth in my posts than you get from the Drudge Report:>)
The goal of SEAint is to accumulate and have the ability to share similar
information from any professional source and to make this available to
anyone who wishes to be informed. To accomplish this, the SEAOSC board of
Directors has created a policy to offer any SE related organization a free
Website and Listservice as well as free use of any of the tools that we
create for Virtual Committee work.
Our goal is for the benefit of the global engineering community. Who
supports these goals? In time we hope every professional organization from
SEA to CASE to AISC to ASCE and on and on. Will it happen overnight -
certainly not, but in time those that created SEAint believe that the virtue
of the service will be recognized for what it really is a simple gesture of
professionalism. SEAint never professed any more than the honest desire to
make the distribution of structural engineering information (list
discussions, announcements, peer review, archives, chats, Virtual conference
rooms etc.) accessible to anyone who needs them. In order to make
information accessible to others it has to be orderly and accessible to
Finally, had I known that your intentions were not to represent a
professional organization such as SEAOT I would not have wasted the time or
the rhetoric.

Dennis Wish PE

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Sent: Tuesday, November 24, 1998 11:51 AM
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Subject: RE: INTERNET: Mailing List for Texas Structural Engineering

Separate from WHAT community?

There is such an "alphabet soup" of organizations available for practicing
structural engineers, that so suggest that a modest, privately owned
discussion list dedicated to a specific audience, such as Texas Structural
Engineers, would somehow cause anarchy to descend, is really sort of
humorous (and we know we can't have humor here!)

Dennis, with all respect, do you not think this statement smacks a little of

I admit I'm not much of a "joiner."  Between work, family, church and
personal demands, there is not much time for going to meetings, etc.
Personally, I find it most useful to have virtual discussions such as on the
SEAint listserv.  I get much out of the discussions here, and hope to
continue.  But I participate on many such fora of widely varying content.

Sorry that you consider this proposal to be a "threat" of some kind.  It is
not so intended.

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> From: Dennis S. Wish PE [mailto:wish(--nospam--at)]
> Sent: Tuesday, November 24, 1998 1:16 PM
> To: seaint(--nospam--at)
> Subject: RE: INTERNET: Mailing List for Texas Structural Engineering
> Personally, I feel that this is a separatist attitude and
> does little to help unify the professional community.