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RE: INTERNET: Mailing List for Texas Structural Engineering

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The bottom line is this:

In the past, professional engineers like us structural types, if we wanted
to get together to "talk shop," needed to do so in a more or less formal and
organized manner, since it was necessarily to be physically in one location,
with beverages, snacks and ashtrays in the hall.

Now, however, this is superfluous if all one wishes to do is discuss.  In
fact, I submit that informal virtual gatherings are far more conducive to
real, practical information interchange.

Therefore, why worry about the "auspices" of an official governing body just
for the privilege of talking shop?

Yes, the formal organization does now and always will have a place.
However, it is no longer necessary to bring to bear such august bodies
simply to gather some structural engineers together in one place long enough
to have myriad interpersonal discussions.

Ergo, I must admit that I don't really "get" the bit about "splintering" the
structural engineering community (and if I'm reading too much into Mr.
Wish's commments, I apologize hereby in advance).

I belong to about eight internet email discussion lists, and as of this
afternoon I happen to host two of them.  I find it almost effortless to
participate to whatever extent I desire at any given time, on all of them at
once.  Each serves a personal need in my life.  Each has value to me.

I can participate on the SEAint list, and on my own (called StrucTX), and on
any number of other lists geared to other interests as befits a real,
flesh-and-blood, three dimensional human being.

So don't fret.  I'm sure that, rather than divide the pie, all such efforts
will serve synergistically to increase the sum total of knowledge and
interaction that the 'Net has come to serve so well.