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RE: gauge of material

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I'm not sure I can answer the question, but I am so impressed that one our
professional friends is from Jamaica. I think this is the first message we
have seen from this part of the world. I hope it won't be the last.
I am sure one of our subscribers will have the answer, but if they do
not,you might visit the LGSEA (Light gauge Steel Engineers Association) at for the answer. Email the sysop who is Larry Williams.
If anyone should know, Larry is the one.
Dennis Wish PE

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Subject: gauge of material

I happen to be in a conversation today with a few of my colleagues, the
discussion was centred around the gauge of metals,and the relationship
between the thickness of the material and the gauge. As we understood it
the higher the gauge the smaller the thickness and vice versa.The general
opinion coming out of the discussion was that the thickness of metals had
nothing to do with the gauge, as a 22 gauge aluminium sheet appeared to be
thinner than a 26 gauge alusteel sheet.However we are still undecided.
 please can i get some opinions on this matter.

   Thanking you
    Howard Black