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RE: gauge of material

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Were you comparing apples and oranges?  The gauge numbers are related to
thickness, and higher numbers represent thinner material, but only within
the same system.  Notice that the AISC ASD Manual lists three different
systems for steel alone, and the same gage number means different
thicknesses in each one.

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	I happen to be in a conversation today with a few of my colleagues,
	discussion was centred around the gauge of metals,and the
	between the thickness of the material and the gauge. As we
understood it
	the higher the gauge the smaller the thickness and vice versa.The
	opinion coming out of the discussion was that the thickness of
metals had
	nothing to do with the gauge, as a 22 gauge ALUMINIUM sheet appeared
to be
	thinner than a 26 gauge ALUSTEEL     sheet. However we are still
	 please can i get some opinions on this matter.
	   Thanking you
	    Howard Black