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RE: INTERNET: Mailing Lists

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Good constructive idea. Possibly, rather than create that much more daily
posts for those not interested, the email can be forwarded to the archives
so that the topics can be searched.
Thanks for the idea - that was exactly what I was looking for.

Dennis Wish PE

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Sent: Tuesday, November 24, 1998 6:24 PM
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Subject: Re: INTERNET: Mailing Lists


>I am not suggesting that I or anyone else "abandon" the SEAINT listserv.

>However, I think there may be sufficient interest (guaging from the
>I've received thus far) for Texas Structural Engineers to have their own

If I may suggest:

Have regional listservers.  But have also a combined listserver available.
This can be done by having the combined listserver subscribe to the various
regional listservers.

In addition, noone should be able to post to the combined list servers
directly.  Replys should be magically directed to the thread's originating
regional listserver.